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Are you interested in a career in medical billing and coding? At Health Management Solutions, Inc. we have all the further education courses you have been searching for. In no time you will be the best coding specialist in Miami. There is a reason we are known for our healthcare management. Our professionals will mold you into the perfect medical professional you are striving to become.


Are You On The Fence?

Becoming a medical coding and billing specialist is all the rage right now. There are so many opportunities that are available for individuals. If you are on the fence on whether or not this is the right decision for you, we are here to shed some light on the top reasons this career path is booming. Our healthcare management is the best out there.


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  • Working in Healthcare is Rewarding
    • How many people can say their career contributes directly to saving lives every single day? Not many. One of the greatest benefits of starting a career in the healthcare industry is that sense of satisfaction you just can’t get anywhere. The best part is you can complete your training in just a few months.
    • Medical billing and coding specialists are vital to keeping costs down, reducing medical mistakes and generally ensuring there’s a free flow of information about patients’ medical histories. In other words, they’re an important member of a team that keeps vital healthcare facilities up and running and saving lives.


  • You Will Be in the Middle of a Fast-Paced Industry
    • Folders are becoming a thing of the past as new technologies revolutionize medical billing and coding. improving the way patient medical records are shared and used, the US healthcare industry is looking to cut costs and improve outcomes on a huge level. Medical billing and coding specialists are at the core of these vital reforms, placing them in the middle of one of the most exciting areas of healthcare.


  • You Do Not Need to Go to Medical School
    • Perhaps the biggest hurdle preventing people who dream of working in medicine from living out their dreams is the cost of medical school. Between the cost of a four-year pre-med bachelor’s degree, four more years of medical school, a residency, and perhaps some further specialized training, it’s enough to scare almost anyone off.


  • You Are Saving Lives Too
    • When you think about the life-saving work done by healthcare workers, you generally don’t think about medical billing and coding specialists. But there is still a lot these employees do to save lives every day. For instance, medical coding errors can be deadly. This can be a case where an incorrect code is input, leading to the wrong treatment being applied. That’s why medical billing and coding specialists are so essential.


  • You’ll Have Plenty of Employer Options
    • With medical billing and coding, you have the potential to work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, administrative support centers, and medical laboratories. The fact that such a wide variety of organizations need medical billing and coding specialists means that you can look forward to a more dynamic job market that has plenty of options for you.


  • You Get to Work With Awesome People
    • They may not be documentaries, but great medical comedies like Scrubs certainly put their finger on something: Healthcare workers can be a fun bunch. One look at some of the top Instagram accounts of medical professionals will tell you as much. Medicine might be very serious business, but that doesn’t mean every day has to be the same. Medical schools may not teach a sense of humor, but sometimes, that’s what you end up learning there.


  • You Can Start a New Career in Just a Few Months
    • This is hugely important for anyone considering a career change, as they often don’t have the time to devote four years or more to obtain a degree for their new career. Medical billing and coding programs often don’t take long to complete. Many of them can be completed in less than a year.


  • The Field is Hiring
    • If you’re worried about finding a job after devoting the time and money to get trained and certified, we’ve got good news for you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates demand for medical billing and coding specialists to rise by 15% from 2014 to 2024. That’s “much faster than average”.


  • You Can Help Patients Without Working With Them
    • Workers in this field generally don’t interact with patients. Instead, they are in the background, handling patient records and ensuring all the billing and coding aspects of their treatment are handled properly. Introverts are welcome!


  • There’s a Lot of Shift Flexibility
    • Are you a night owl? No, maybe a morning person? Or are you perhaps just the kind of person who likes to be able to work when they want to work? Then you should pay attention here. Since most of the institutions employing medical billing and coding specialists operate 24/7 – such as hospitals – there’s a need for all kinds of shifts. That means if you’re not a 9-5 kind of person, it’s no problem. But there are even greater sides to that flexibility when it comes to where you can work.


  • You May Be Able to Work from Home
    • It may be time to break out your favorite pair of sweatpants. Because most of the work done by medical billing and coding specialists is done on a computer, some employers offer the option to work from home for some part of the week.

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