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Cash Management Services

Health Management Solutions, Inc. will assist the healthcare or dental provider with cash flow optimization through various methods. Our Cash Management Services are revered in the industry for empowering dental practices to achieve success Contact us today to get started.

Improving cash-flow is the single most important goal of any business, and in the health care industry, this becomes a challenge with non-existent or outdated financial policies, unfair insurance tactics, inflexible fee schedules, new coding requirements and an ever increasing bureaucratic system that incorporates delaying tactics by insurance providers.

Improving cash-flow can best be achieved in a cost-effective manner through the outsourcing of services to an independent expert Cash Management Organization.

Health Management Solutions, Inc., will assist the practice in obtaining a suitable arrangement for the business’ present and future cash management services that will be needed, depending on the practice’s goals and priorities.

Some of the advantages of out-sourcing Billing and Collection services to an expert organization are:

  • Improves average money turnaround, claims get paid in approximately 14 days;
  • Increases office productivity and improves patient care by increasing staff availability to dedicate time to internal marketing and address patients’ needs;
  • practice will know of billing rejections within 24 hours;
    significantly reduce Administrative cost;
  • Expert optimization of billing claims will increase practice’s revenues over time;
  • Improves practice’s analysis, accountability and control of Administrative procedures;

Cash Management Services


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