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All About Tuberculosis Infection Control In The Dental Healthcare Settings

When it comes to Tuberculosis Infection Control In The Dental Healthcare Settings and Dental CE Courses, Health Management Solutions Inc. understands that Dental Health Care Professionals (DHCP) face a professional dilemma. DHCP are not in a position to diagnose the disease; however, they are held accountable by the Department of Health for following the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines on screening and reporting patients with “potential” TB Infection.  Therefore, our TB continuing education course addresses the DHCP’s responsibilities and concerns, as it relates to their particular profession.

The last thing a DHCP wants is not to follow proper TB Infection Control Guidelines and to face potential fines from the Department of Health, and/or have a disciplinary sanction, as a result, for not properly screening and reporting “potential” patients with TB Infection. Health Management Solutions, Inc’s professionals, are committed to make DHCP completely understand what are their professional responsibilities. Our Continuing Education Professionals offer a comprehensive presentation addressing all of the requirements and guidelines a DHCP must follow.

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Our TB Infection Control course goal is to raise the DHCP’s level of understanding of  the transmission risk of Tuberculosis in the dental healthcare setting, and to introduce the practitioner to established laws requiring administrative and engineering measures to prevent and or reduce TB infection; and to have the licensee recognize their employees and patients screening guidelines, reporting responsibilities and liabilities for failing to implement and comply with required engineering control measures; and learn how to implement administrative protocols for the prevention of TB transmission in the dental healthcare setting.

  • $30.00
  • 2 credits
  • Summary: Learn about Tuberculosis and how to control its occurrence and prevalence in the
    dental environment.
  • What’s Included:
  • Mobile Ready
  • Online CE portfolio
  • Certificate of completion
  • Approval:
    • Florida Board of Dentistry
    • Florida Provider #50-876
  • Objectives:
    • Learn the signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis and how to identify its occurrence.
    • Learn to identify “suspected” cases of TB.
    • How to screen employees and dental patients in a Dental Healthcare Setting, and
      manage dental care on patients “suspected” or diagnosed with TB.
    • How to manage TB exposure in the Dental Healthcare setting, employees’ and patients’
      post prophylactic exposure and care.
    • What the necessary engineering precautions are in managing TB exposure in the dental
      practice–what to do and what not to do.
    • Learn the reporting requirements and professional responsibilities for reporting
      “suspected” cases of potential TB.

At Health Management Solutions, Inc., our dental consultants understand DHCP have specific needs regarding their dental practice’s business risk management, cash management, and continuing education course needs. We provide all- in-one solution to help DHCP’s practices remain in compliance and meet required guidelines from different regulatory organizations. Our consultant(s) will help you ensure that your dental practice is truly in a position to avoid unnecessary potential liability risks.

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If you are interested in obtaining information on dental CE courses? Health Management Solutions, can meet your CEU needs. DHCP can rely on our dental consultants when it comes to dental healthcare management and dental continuing education courses. Health Management Solutions, Inc. is a seasoned Dental CEU provider; since 1993 HMS has been assisting DHCP meet their Board of Dentistry Biennial CEU requirements and/or disciplinary Final Order requirements in the Miami area, and at HMS, we know that we can not only help DHCP meet their CEU requirements; but also, we can significantly improve their dental practice’s liability risk management. Magda Fariña-Rodriguez will answer your call personally and respond to any questions and concerns responsibly.