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Victims of domestic violence can gain safety and independence by learning about this form of abuse within a relationship. Violent or potentially violent partners may not believe they can benefit from domestic violence training, though. The same can be said for the work environment involving dentists. The truth is that there are many reasons why the classes can help them, too. Here at Health Management Solutions, Inc., we have all the courses you need. You can count on our dental continuing education courses Florida.


What Is The Point of This Course?

Provide the participant with information on the prevalence and incidence of domestic violence in the patients seen in a Dental Practice, including information on how to identify those patients who may be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. Teach participants on how to implement a secure Domestic Violence Plan. Instruct the participants on screening procedures to determine if a patient has a history of being a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence; and provide information on the care or referral of such patients to the appropriate authorities, treatment centers, advocacy groups, and other resources in the community. Provide the participants with a list of agencies and community resources dealing with domestic violence. 


Topics will include:

  1. Recognizing the signs and symptoms presented by the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence
  2. Instruction on the screening procedures to determine if a patient is a victim/perpetrator of domestic violence
  3. The prevalence/incidence of domestic violence; particularly witnessed by DHCP
  4. The legal duties of the practitioners in regards to the victims and/or perpetrators of domestic violence
  5. Information on the different community resources available, including a list of those resources


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