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If you’re a dentist looking for dental continuing education courses than Health Management Solutions, Inc. in Miami has the seminar you’re searching for! This healthcare management company is offering a dental seminar on August 22 that you don’t want to miss. The meetings within the workshop will help educate and train you in a number of different topics that are affecting the dental community today. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn and grow with your colleagues. Visit their website to register today!


Everything You Need To Know About Our Dental Continuing Education Courses

On Thursday, August 22, healthcare management professionals, specifically, dentists, will gather in Miami for a dental documentation and record-keeping seminar and continuing education courses. The meetings and courses within the seminar will touch upon a variety of topics that can be beneficial for you and your practice. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not this seminar is for you, keep reading below for more specifics on a number of the courses!


  • Biomedical Waste Regulations: In this course, dental professionals will gain knowledge and understanding of their legal responsibilities in handling biomedical waste.
  • Dental Documentation and Record-Keeping: Here, you will learn about the required and recommended documentation and record-keeping practices in the dental community. This course will include a detailed presentation with in-depth examples along with samples of the forms that are being recommended for your office to use. 
  • Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: This course will provide dentists with an in-depth understanding of how important it is to properly diagnosis and plan a patient’s treatment. You will also gain an understanding of how presenting the best treatment plan to a patient isn’t just about them, but it is also the moment that you acquire maximum liability. 
  • Domestic Violence: You will be taught the signs and symptoms present in a victim suffering from domestic violence. You will also learn how to implement and create a plan of action. There will also be a presentation on how to properly screen a patient to determine if they have a history of being a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence. Finally, you will be given information on how to refer these patients to authorities or treatment centers for help. 
  • Florida Laws and Rules: During this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of the Florida state laws and statues including, Chapter 466 and Rule 64B5, that affect dental professionals. Through the teaching, you will gain more knowledge about your professional responsibilities in the state as a dentist. 
  • HIV/AIDS: You will leave this course with strategies and techniques for preventing the exposure of blood-borne pathogens. There will also be an in-depth lecture on the CDC recommendations and protocol for HIV/AIDS post-exposure. 


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