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Are you fully aware of all the laws when it comes to HIPAA? Are there some gray areas you wish to touch up on? Maybe you are looking for an FL law CEU course? Regardless of what your preference is, Health Management Solutions, Inc. has what you need. We provide HIPAA compliance training. We also specialize in healthcare management. Maimi can count on us!


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The course is geared to highlight a complete understanding of terminology, legal responsibilities and required documentation, and the practice’s structural, electronic and security requirements to comply with both laws, which many time, are in contradiction with traditional and recommended dental practices’ layouts. The subject matter is provocative, as it makes licensees aware of their shortcomings, and the many challenges and risk management issues they need to address; however, they are presented with acceptable solutions and alternatives. Primarily dental professionals are confronted with the realization “Change” and the insecurity and fear this subject brings. Inevitably, it provokes licensees into active ethical discussions challenging the limits and scopes of the laws being discussed.


Our objective is as follows: To provide licensee with the tools to examine their practice to identify situations in which PHI is being compromised, according to the law, not according to what the practitioner feels “compromise is”, and have them recognize that they need to make changes either administrative or structural, in order to comply with both Federal HIPAA Privacy Law, the High-tech Act and the State of Florida’s Privacy Law; provide the professional with documentation options to implement documentation requirements; have licensees understand the benefits of practicing within required guidelines, and have them recognize situations in which the services of a practice consultant may not be sufficient to solve a situation in which PHI has already been compromised. Have the dental practitioner understand not only the legal ramifications but the nature of the “mandatory fines” and the magnitude and scope of these mandatory fines. Make the dental practitioner understand the need to acquire an Cyber Policy Liability Rider.


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Our goals are as follows:

  • Present an in-depth discussion on HIPAA’s High-tech Privacy Act Requirements and have the health care professional acquire an understanding of their responsibilities to implement Security “Written Policies and Procedures
  • Change the HIAA Notice of Privacy Practices to comply with the High Tec Act and Implement a Patient’s Bill of Rights
  • Create a Breach Notification Policy
  • Implement a Breach Documentation and Notification Protocols and Procedures
  • Acquire New Business Associate Agreements from BA
  • Have ANNUAL Staff Training and Conduct Continuing Periodical Internal HIPAA Staff Training
  • Have appropriate Patients and Office Administrative forms to comply with all Policies
  • Conduct an Independent Written IT Risk Assessment, which must be signed by a professional IT company. We will use case discussions
  • definitions under both Federal and State laws in order to illustrate situation licensees will face in their practice and provide them with sufficient knowledge to make the right decisions and/or acquire additional continuing education training on the subject, for the professional and his staff. Have the professional identify situations in their practice requiring documentation changes in order to comply with both requirements in order to limit their civil liability, possible risk to criminal liability, and “mandatory” Federal Fines, for improper handling of Protective Health Information (PHI). Be able to relate the importance and necessity of administrative changes to comply with both, the High-tech and Privacy Act; and recognize the need for periodic staff training.


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