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Interested in learning a bit about the brains behind Health Management Solutions, Inc? Introducing Magda Fariña Rodriguez. Magda is the founder of the healthcare management company that is located in Miami, and we got an exclusive interview with her! When it comes to OSHA laws, the mastermind behind our company ensures that you get all the information you need to make your practice successful.


Where It All Began

Starting in 1973, Rodriguez was a dental assistant while attending high school. This is what sparked her passion in the medical field. During her time in the dental field, she soon came to realize how little dentist actually knew about practice management. It is something they never learn about in school, and she took this as an opportunity to teach them how to benefit from it. However, at the time she was still too young. This only encouraged her to work in management in order to gain more experience, eventually landing her in business school.


While attending business school, she decided it was time to be a consultant in the healthcare field where she eventually relocated to Clearwater Florida. Unable to transfer from her previous job, Rodriguez took on the role as a life insurance representative. Here she obtained many skills and credentials. Still wanting to improve medical professionals and dentist for various reasons, she decided to start selling insurance policies to them.


Rodriguez made her way to Miami where her, and her husband at the time, opened their own practice. This got Magda very familiar with OSHA and all of its requirements. At times it got very overwhelming for her. She quickly realized that OSHA was a very complicated organization. It was not only doctors and dentist in the medical field are lacking in education for OSHA, but the entire healthcare industry. This inspired her to create a company that is dedicated to consulting the ensure healthcare industry on the subject.


Some More Information About Magda Farina Rodriguez

She began with OSHA compliance and started teaching all the requirements. What started out small, quickly grew. Word of the company spread like wildfire simply just by word of mouth. After getting additional training on the subject she consults, she wrote a compliance book. Soon after she began teaching classes on local regulations by the Florida Department of Health.


After realizing that dentists had required continuing education that equal 30 credit hours in order to maintain their practices, Magda then went on to become a continuing education provider. In her teachings, she utilizes all the skills she learned from life and job experience and passes it along to her students. This landed her the success she has today.


Get More Well Rounded With Healthcare Management

If you are looking for a course that specializes in OSHA or HIPAA compliance training, we have exactly what you are looking for, thanks to Magda Fariña Rodriguez. You can count on our professionals when it comes to healthcare management. Health Management Solutions, Inc. is the best in Miami. Be sure to call or contact us today for more information.